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The Boxer is part of the UK Working Group of dogs.  The Boxer is an athletic breed of dog, active, agile, muscular and strong.  The Boxer has a broad, muzzle and that is blunt but has an alert expression.  Their coats are short and should be shiny and are usually either fawn with white sock and white chest or brindle (mixture of fawn and black).  Boxers are a playful, lively breed, very inquisitive, loyal to their owners but still outgoing.  They are generally good with other household pets, but can be protective when approached by strange dogs outside.   They get their name from the way they use their front legs, as they “bat” at their opponent or when playing.  There are generally two types of Boxer today, the German Boxer and the American Boxer, the former have larger heads and tend to be more muscular than their American cousins.

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